Renewable Energy & Clean Water

Biomass is a renewable and sustainable source of energy that comes from organic matter such as plants, wood, agricultural waste, and other organic materials. By using biomass as a source of energy, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

There are many different ways to use biomass for energy, including burning it to produce heat or electricity, converting it into biofuels such as ethanol or biodiesel, and using it to produce biogas through anaerobic digestion.

Using biomass as a source of energy has several benefits, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, providing a reliable and renewable source of energy, and supporting local economies by creating jobs in the biomass industry.

a hand holding a bottle of water
a hand holding a bottle of water
person holding clear glass mason jar with strip lights inside
person holding clear glass mason jar with strip lights inside

Our Technologies

Energy and Biotechnology are combined for a better world. Providing Net Zero housing and food production.

Zero Residues® was developed via our Energy from Biomass® systems. It’s been implemented on an industrial scale since 2006, helping cane sugar mills obtain all the energy required from its own bagasse, and with a surplus up to 25%. Learn More...

AGRIcircle® was developed as a solution for the enormous bagasse (sugar cane waste pulp) surplus, responding to the UN call to produce more food with less water. Learn More...

TES® (Tekmann Ecological Systems) is the remarkable bespoke integration of renewable energy and biotechnologies to power our homes and businesses, reuse rain-water, treat wastewater, and convert waste to benefits. Allowing users to transition from their current usages, to Net Zero and beyond to negative emission! Learn More...

Our Purpose

Designing, manufacturing and installing affordable and sustainable waste management, renewable energy, regenerative agriculture and water purification systems globally to improve the lives of everyone.

Our Mission

To empower and equip people and organisations with the technology, resources and education required to create a more sustainable and regenerative world while tackling environmental, social and governance issues.

Our Vision

Developing and collaborating to produce sustainable and efficient solutions that fulfill our current and future environmental, food, energy, water and waste demands. Utlizing integral bio-diversity solutions of generation, cogeneration and trigeneration while substituting fossil fuels with bio-energy systems.

Deploying the TES (Tekmann Ecological Systems) for both communities and industry to mutually benefit, implementing a sustainable and circular economy focused transformation.

We Are Transforming The World

Through Our Systems We Can Deliver All 17 of the 17 United Nations General Assembly Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030:

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