The discharge of untreated or undertreated wastewater into the world's waterways is a major problem. It affects biological diversity of aquatic ecosystems and disrupts the planets fundamental life support systems.

Unfortunately, an estimated 80 percent of global wastewater is being discharged untreated into waterways. This issue is closely linked to the broader problem of climate change, which is causing extreme water-related disasters, and infrastructure is struggling to cope.

One of the ways to address this issue is to decentralize wastewater treatment, which can help reduce the burden on larger infrastructure and increase the resilience of smaller communities to the impacts of climate change.

The Problem - Sewage Residues

Our Conditioning Biogas System at activated sludge plant at Hermosillo, Mexico (2500 lps)

The changes in water from unclean to filtered and clean
The changes in water from unclean to filtered and clean

From Sewage Water to Clean Useable Water

Today agriculture consumes up to 70% of water withdrawals. By 2050 it is estimated that 70% more food will be needed (World Bank).

There is not enough clean water or healthy soils to support this growth, unless we act today!

We develop, export and install the technology required for water treatment facilities to have greater efficiencies while producing biogas and electricity.

More than 10 MW of continuous electricity is being produced with our technologies, while you read this!

We have designed and built the first tripe bioreactor to fulfil measurable and comparative procedures at our laboratories, allowing us to customize solutions to improve your yield!

Electrocoagulation cleaning dye and organic pollution

Processing polluted water in less than 1/2 hour

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