Julio César Casillas

Chief Business Development Officer

An established business advisor, administrator and founder with more than 15 years experience supporting new business developments and entrepreneurs. A financial projects and customer relations expert supporting international projects.

Ricardo M. Flürscheim

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Electromechanical engineer with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and erection of industrial equipment. More than 1 million m3 of industrial freezers built, designer and manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers over 100,000 MT of metallic structures manufactured and installed for industrial projects.

Joaquin Diazsolano

Co-Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur and inventor with over 35 years expertise in the renewables and environmental solutions industries. Strong business development and design skills developing boilers, burners, bioreactors, heat exchangers, pumps, manufacturing factories, biogas and biomass. A LIF and FE member of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Alejandro Diazsolano

Chief Procurement Officer

Technical Installation expert with more than 25 years of experience as head of purchasing departments (national & international), manufacturing and erecting for industrial plants.

Eliska Wilcox

Chief Marketing Officer

An inspirational and proven leader with over 20 years experience implementing strategies and systems that improve companies branding, marketing and sales results. Extensive experience working in multiple C-Suite environments, fulfilling a range of diverse and demanding roles within large multinationals, voluntary organisations and SMEs.

Simon Wilcox

Chief Strategy Officer

An established leader, business developer, consultant, capital raiser and innovation investor. Over 30 years experience building successful companies, growing teams, increasing profits, completing M&A and investment transactions for SME’s, charities, start-ups, government organisations and educational establishments.

Arcadio Pozadas

Head of Installations

A specialist mechanical engineer and boiler superintendent with 25 years experience designing, assembling and maintaining power plant equipment. Mentor and trainer to boiler and turbogenerators operators and maintenance companies.

Dr. Angélica Ruiz-Font

Head of Biotechnology

A PhD in biotechnology and natural resources administration. Post-doctorate in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering for environmental challenges. An experienced teacher, mentor and trainer for expertise in experimentation and applied research of bio-innovations. LIF member (alumni and mentor) for The Royal Academy of Engineering.

Sergio Mancera Rodriguez

Legal Advisor

Attorney of law with more than 35 years of experience in civil, employment and finance arenas. Member of the national bar of attorneys (barra nacional de abogados) and labour prosecutor in Mexico City.

Juvenal Lopez Solano

Head of Organic Agriculture

Biochemical Engineer with more than 30 years of experience as organic producer and consultant to agriculture producers. Vastly experienced in commercial operations and educational applications.

Jesús Vera Iñiguez

University Liaison Advisor

Industrial designer with more than 14 years experience in the protection of industrial property, developing partnership between industry and universities and generating strategies of RD&I. Head of linking departments at universities for more than 12 years, responsible for strategies of partnership and innovation implementation for 2 Mexican state governments.

Dr. Rocio De La Torre

Board Advisor

A PhD in biotechnology and bioengineering, post-doctorate in biogas production from waste and CO2 sequestration. Masters in tech innovation and big data, certified in ODS projects. Member of the international society for professional innovation management. Currently studying a masters in sustainability and circular Economy. LIF member (alumni and mentor) for The Royal Academy of Engineering.

Orlando Garibay Torres

Head of Trigeneration Installations

An outstanding, multidisciplinary leader within the trigeneration projects sector. Expertise includes developing energy and mass balances, building energy indicators, security and compliance for multiple site developments.

Abelardo Rodríguez López

Head of Photovoltaic & Alternative Energy

A specialist in electrical installation systems, designing and implementating photovoltaic and alternative energy solutions. Responsible for auditing global purchasing, customs logistics and warehousing for client delivery.

Todayo Garibay Torres

Head of Civil Construction

Over 27 years experience in mechanical, electric and plumbing installations. An expert in delivering infrastructure networks and facilities for construction projects. Highly skilled in value engineering and architectural design

Dr. Jose Luis Diaz Barboza

Board Advisor

MD and biochemist with diplomas in diabetes, nutrition, osteoporosis and hyperbaric medicine. Certified in transcutaneous oximetry, ozone-therapy, and subaquatic medicine. Founder of the Diaz-Barboza medical center. President of the Latino American Association of Hyperbaric Medicine and former President of the Mexican Association for the Research and Treatment of Autoimmune Disease.