What is Tekmann Ecological Systems (TES)?

Waste to energy systems, producing bio substrate and organic fertilisers for green spaces and agriculture.

Biotechnological water treatment and energy for desalination, recovery and reuse.

Sustainable waste management solutions ensuring what is not reused or recycled is converted in to energy. No more landfills are required!

Stand alone hybrid mini grids or interconnected constant renewable energy power plants.

Remote operation and real time monitoring of power grids using IoT technologies.

Optional platform to assess the sustainability of the system, its carbon footprint and ESG compliance. Measuring the emissions to verify the carbon credits obtained in the different modules.

Optional sustainable rewards scheme/tokenisation opportunities for individuals and organisations alike to benefit.

We provide solutions including:
The Five Parts To Our System:

Resulting in 99% + pollution avoidance to the environment via air, water or soil. Landfills can be made redundant or repurposed as WTE plants.

Benefits of Our System

Building interconnected stand-alone mini-grids: sharing power & water processes, securing services 24/7, reducing investment & costs


Greywater is treated and safely reused at home

Wastewater is treated for gardens’ irrigation

Residual sludge is now a source for electricity

Waste: from expenses to revenues

Pollution solutions, no more landfills or external sewage plants

Systems can be compact, made odourless and quiet

No complex electric systems to supply buildings

Where and how?

Converting waste collected by designed pneumatic and vacuum systems

Small units, allowing for in home or commercial use

Interconnecting systems reduces risk and costs

Automatic and remote monitored systems, in real time

Comparing Systems


The sun is bright for upto 5.5 hours per day in the hottest regions. On average it shines between 2.5 hours to 5 hours daily however we need electricity 24/7.

PV needs 4 times generating capacity, at optimal conditions and 300 watts per sq.m can be harvested, a single persons energy consumption can require up to 44 sq.m!

PV panels cost are approx $0.40 USD per watt. However the full system increases this cost drastically up to $4 USD per watt or more!

Dessert sand and extreme weather can damage PV panels, reducing their efficiency and service life.

black and white solar panels
black and white solar panels
Wind Turbines

Wind turbines often times need a minimum wind speed of 9 miles per hour to generate electricity. On average onsure solutions generate between 2.5 hours to 5 hours daily however we still need electricity 24/7.

This is intermittent and not a total solution for many regions.

For wind turbines to provide energy generation, the costs are $4 USD per watt or more.

white windmill during daytime
white windmill during daytime
Waste To Energy From Biomass

TES can operate 24/7 independently or grid connected.

Automatically compensates for energy demand generation differences of PV, wind turbine of other energy grid supplies.

Saves time, costs, emissions and risks by reducing transport and eliminating landfill expenses.

Our high temperature systems convert plastics and organic residues to energy at the highest yield. It's a compact and odourless solution generating 0.65 kWe per 1 kg of solid waste

TES provides energy generation at a costs of $4 USD per watt or less for continuous 24/7 independent or hybrid solutions.

Our TES is the best and most complete solution