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EV Charger Problems

In a recent study: EV drivers found 25% of public EV chargers to be unusable due to broken connectors, network failures, payment system failures, and unresponsive screens. The study returned to 10% of those malfunctioning chargers eight days later to find no improvements in functionality. With EV drivers unable to rely on chargers, their experience becomes fraught with anxiety

a person pumping gas into a car at a gas station
a person pumping gas into a car at a gas station

Tekmann Ecological Systems

& EV Chargers

Our Solution

We can install and monitor smaller independent mini grids for EV charging without high-cost infrastructure. As these systems are modular, they can be fixed or mobile, increased, decreased or moved as demand requires. This is ideal for sites which are being developed and that want a stable and flexible grid which is constantly monitored using IOT technology. Optimizing efficiencies and ensuring rapid responses to any maintenance requirements which are not able to be fixed remotely.

Public Transport

We have expertise in 2 main areas currently:

1. Manufacturing and erecting BRT bus and cable bus stations (mainly in Mexico City).

2. Advertising systems on public transport, bus and train stations.

We have also participated as both designer and manufacturers of such systems operating nationwide.